About Us
We love building things and that's why we enjoy helping other build the things that they need.

Founded in Helsinki during 2017. A couple of software engineering students had a dream to start building cool things on their own terms. That's how Nifty Tree Studios was born. From a want to work in a way that we enjoy, in our own terms.

We believe in relationships. Not every relationship work and that's fine, there are plenty of consulting companies in the world. We want to be the perfect partner for you, so we can keep working together for years to come.

What we are best at

Our Services

UX, UI, Mobile, Web... you name it, we enjoy designing it!
Have a idea ready to go, but no people to build it? We got you covered!
Something else you want figured out? Workplace wellbeing? Company culture? We are always interested in sharing what we know.
Grow your business.
We can help you build whatever you need to grow your online presence.
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